2018 Philippines Mission Trip

July 27 to August 10

It is one thing to go, and quite another to be sent by those who believe in and are praying for you.

Trip Updates

After the completion of the trip, a final trip overview will be made available here on this site. Live trip updates will be posted as we have an opportunity on the following two sites.

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At this present time, there are plans to work in four regions. First, we are to begin by teaching where we land – (1) Manilla. Three days later, we are to fly north and drive to (2) Ramon, where we will be teaching seminars to church leaders for several days. Following that, we will fly to (3) Cebu to work with our missionaries on the ground there. Finally, we will travel to (4) Biliran, in support of a newer work on that island.


We (Bryan Harris, Matthew Henderson, Jake Harris, and Luke Henderson) have had a recent opportunity to travel with Ken Wilkey, a longtime Philippine missionary, this summer. We are to accompany him for two weeks in the Philippines this August.

Lord willing, we will begin teaching on the day our plane lands, and be busy working until our plane departs for home once again. There are plans for Luke and Jake to help work in youth efforts, including a large gathering that will happen while we are there. Bryan and Matthew will be teaching seminar classes for church leaders. We also expect to have an opportunity to help in outreach efforts that the workers there have planned for us.

What more as fathers could we desire for Luke and Jake, as they begin life after high school, than to be able to serve beside them with our good friend and brother Ken in a foreign field. This is a trip to share in fellowship and the Word with our brethren in the Philippines, to build up and edify. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support.

Matt, Bryan, Jake, & Luke

Financial Update

The cost of the trip is estimated to be $7000 for the four of us ($1750 each). The majority of the cost is primarily associated with air travel, as we will be eating and staying all but a few nights with brethren in the Philippines.

As of July 22, we have all needed support raised.
Thank you to everyone for supporting this trip. Please pray for a useful and successful mission in which God is glorified, and thanksgiving for His gift through Christ is caused to be on the hearts and lips of the people we encounter on our journey.


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