Wrapping up in General Aguinaldo

Sunday July 21, 2019
Matthew Henderson

Today, Sunday, has been another busy day here in General Aguinaldo.

Following Jesus

Saturday July 20, 2019
Matthew Henderson

Today (Saturday) has been a very good, and very full day — that has resulted in eight new brothers and sisters in Christ.

Youth Gathering at General Aguinaldo

Friday July 19, 2019
Matthew Henderson

The youth began to arrive here about 6pm and are still trickling in at 8:30. It looks like there are already more than 120 here of an expected 80.

Heading up North

Wednesday July 17, 2019
Matthew Henderson

This morning we were up by 4am. Phillip Dumawa was up to drive us in the van to head to the airport at 4:45am sharp.

Back in Manila

Tuesday July 16, 2019
Matthew Henderson

The last three days have been spent in Manila. We are staying in Wilkey’s apartment through tonight (Wednesday).

Saturday and Sunday at Lopez

Sunday July 14, 2019
Matthew Henderson

We had a great time meeting everyone in Lopez on Saturday night — such good people.

Arrived Safe at Lopez

Saturday July 13, 2019
Matthew Henderson

We have arrived safe in Lopez. I will update more later. It was about a seven hour drive here.

Happy in Manila

Friday July 12, 2019
Matthew Henderson

We made it safe! We arrived at Ken’s apartment a little before 11pm. Sleeping arrangements were made and we got to sleep about an hour later when we had settled. Clint Robinstein arrived from Cebu just a little later.

Future Missionary Training

Friday July 12, 2019
Matthew Henderson

The Long Flight

Thursday July 11, 2019
Matthew Henderson

We are cruising at 36000 feet at 560 mph. We’re over Canada and almost into Alaskan airspace. This is a long flight. I remember better now passing time by trying not to think about how much time is passing.

Quick Info

We are currently fully funded for our 2019 Philippines trip. Thank you to everyone for being so generous in helping, and please continue to remember us in your prayers as we prepare and while we are traveling.

Philippines 2019 Trip Photos


"God is in charge, and
we have no concerns."
– Wilkey