Tough, Flexible, Optimistic

Thursday June 27, 2019
Matthew Henderson

Our motto from Wilkey has been “tough, flexible, and optimistic.” I had heard this for years from Chris, but didn’t realize until much more recently that it had originated with Ken. We took it and adopted it last year as we got ready to leave from Austin. This year, as a party of seven, we are adopting it again.

At a Thursday night men’s Bible study two years ago, Bryan was sharing with us about a crazy dream he had. In it, he was on a boat with Ken headed for the Philippines, when just as they came in to land, Ken grabbed him and threw him off so that he had to swim for shore. It was a funny dream, and we all laughed quite a bit. But the funniest part was that Bryan and I kept joking about that crazy dream until we had both talked ourselves into having enough courage to say we’d go, and take Luke and Jake with us. No one got thrown off a boat… although we never got on a boat with Ken last year. But we had fun hearing Bryan telling about the origin of our trip with our friends in Cebu, and how it might have never happened if he hadn’t eaten too much chocolate before bed one night.

Sara’s husband, Kevin (one of the missionary families in Cebu), made this image for us, and we have adopted it as our logo for these trips. So, now you know when you see it, and we will never forget.

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We are currently fully funded for our 2019 Philippines trip. Thank you to everyone for being so generous in helping, and please continue to remember us in your prayers as we prepare and while we are traveling.

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"God is in charge, and
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