Arrived Safe at Lopez

Saturday July 13, 2019
Matthew Henderson

We have arrived safe in Lopez. I will update more later. It was about a seven hour drive here. Ken stopped the driver when durian was spotted at a stand on the roadside. We all got to try it — verdict: not as bad as any of us imagined, but Ken said it was the mildest he had ever had. We met Richard Emperado who had driven up to meet us at restaurant for lunch about an hour and a half from our final destination. It was so good to finally get to meet the ones here. We got to see their meeting place in town before heading out to a house of one of the members. It would not have been a large enough place for the numbers we will have this weekend, so we will just be meeting here at the house in a bamboo arbor over the water which belongs to the home owners. I’m closing out for now. We are planning to eat dinner in about two hours, and then have a class on personal evangelism before a devotional time to close us out for the day.

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We are currently fully funded for our 2019 Philippines trip. Thank you to everyone for being so generous in helping, and please continue to remember us in your prayers as we prepare and while we are traveling.

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