Saturday and Sunday at Lopez

Sunday July 14, 2019
Matthew Henderson

We had a great time meeting everyone in Lopez on Saturday night — such good people. We got to see their chapel in town, but left for the home we were staying in for the night, and all of Sunday’s activities. Richard Emperado has driven up from Negros to meet them for the first time; he will be meeting us in Isabella later in the week as well. Dean Mark, the full-time evangelist in the area, and the others in this congregation have done a great job in this place.

Saturday night, we gathered for a class in a cottage over the water down from the house. First, we folded tracts for use in their outreach efforts. Phillip had printed up some nice copies of one of Ken’s tri-fold brochures, and he had also translated what I had written for Sam a few years ago when he was asking about becoming a Christian, and we made booklets of those as well. Next, we shared a meal and some songs together. After that, Ken talked about the uniqueness of each of the Gospels, and then I spoke about evidences for their trustworthiness. Once we finished, it was time for bed — already getting late.

Sunday morning, we shared a breakfast and there was lots of visiting on the front porch area. Class began at 9am. Phillip Dumawa taught for about an hour and a half on the Gospel presentation using what we had put together the night before. Service (I believe 37 of us) began right after. The singing was amazing. Sam and Clint helped with serving communion. Finally, Chris preached a sermon on Old Testament prophecies which were fulfilled by Christ.

Wrapping up about 12:30, we enjoyed a long lunch together before leaving to head back to Manila around 2:30.

Amelia, Sam, Maddy, and Philip have been great helpers to us. Their spirits have been high, and they have been eager to keep smiling and interacting with the kids and adults alike, despite how hard they have been pushed physically the last few days. They have all been so impressive in their willingness to go far outside their normal routines, preferences, and comforts. I’ll post some more on particulars dealing with this in another post.

At this point, most in the travel party are nodding off in any quiet moment — Bryan can tell you what that was like in our first night in Manila last year. Philip felt a little ill going over a pass where the road was very windy, but Phillip Dumawa and Clint made a special stop for a few slices of fresh ginger which cured him instantly. We expect Monday to be a bit of a recovery morning in Manila, so that should get everyone charged up and ready to keep pushing hard. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Sunday worship at Lopez

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