Back in Manila

Tuesday July 16, 2019
Matthew Henderson

The last three days have been spent in Manila. We are staying in Wilkey’s apartment through tonight (Wednesday).

Monday was a recovery day for the most part from our travel and sleep debt accumulated over the previous five days. We had some good time visiting with the Dumawa family in the evening. Tuesday, we took a jeepney down to the market, and passed out a brochure Ken had written titled “Jesus Has a Blessing for You,” walking around in the afternoon. For most of us, this was our first time to ever have someone lead us in doing this. People, for the most part, were very friendly. It was interesting how easy it was to be able to strike up a conversation with some people just by waving and saying hello. A sailor in a parked car, a man selling pineapple and watermelon from his cart, people just standing outside their establishments… The kids were relieved that Ken let on that no matter how long he has been doing this work, it still leads to fear as you set out to do it — but you just push through and find a surprise at the end in the joy you feel.

Tuesday night we had class from 7 to 9 pm. Ken and I taught the same material we had delivered in Lopez. We were blessed to have a group of preachers with us as part of the group that had come from about two hours away to join us. We closed by visiting until about 10:30 over coffee.

Today, Wednesday, Ken printed some invitations to tonight’s class to put inside another brochure titled, “May We Invite You to Follow Jesus.” We divided up in the morning into groups of three (Ken, Amelia, and Sam; Chris, Clint, and Philip; and me, Paula, and Maddy). Each of us headed in a direction different from the other to each make a block next to the Bible study center here at the corner of Instruccion Street and Laon Laan in Sampaloc, Manila. Not making a distinction in trying to decide who to try to talk to, resulted in many surprises. Lord willing, we will see some tonight with us for our class on how we got the Bible.

I wish I had a story for each of the groups that went around today, but I was only able to be with ours. One that comes to mind first is when Maddy gave a handout to a group of three young boys. We saw them going down the road later and the small insert with the address and information about tonight’s class blew out and was swirling around down the road. They chased that thing down until they caught it. Many of the young children around the neighborhood have been not shy, and that has made us all feel welcome. Pray for our class tonight.

in Manila

in Manila

in Manila

in Manila

in Manila

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