Youth Gathering at General Aguinaldo

Friday July 19, 2019
Matthew Henderson

The youth began to arrive here about 6pm and are still trickling in at 8:30. It looks like there are already more than 120 here of an expected 80. They are currently broken out into groups by age for classes, after having finished dinner, a welcome, and a round of singing. Chris is addressing the young professional and college age — he was asked to give a message encouraging them to choose a good mate and deciding to set their mind on continuing to live for and serve Christ as they enter their next stage in life.

Tonight, they will all stay here (girls in the chapel, and boys up in the covered roof area). Tomorrow will be full of activities and classes until they leave in the afternoon.

Please continue to pray for this meeting. There are several here who have not yet decided to follow Jesus. Sam is to lead some group activities later tonight and tomorrow, and give a devotional message in the morning. Maddy and Amelia will be teaching the young ones. Clint and Chris will have two more encouraging sessions with the college/young professionals age.

I will update as time allows.

Chris teaching

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