Wrapping up in General Aguinaldo

Sunday July 21, 2019
Matthew Henderson

Today, Sunday, has been another busy day here in General Aguinaldo. We met for worship and class from 9 to 11:30 this morning. Chris delivered the sermon and Ken taught class. After lunch, we met again for two special four hour class sessions with the preachers and their wives from 1-5. Paula taught the class for women on Christians serving those with disabilities in the church and in the community. Ken and I taught on the trustworthiness of the Scripture, and how we got the Bible.

Now, it is time to spend time together in fellowship for the evening and continue to build our friendships with one another. The preachers here are such a tight-knit group, and it has been so good to see how easily we all mesh together naturally. Our Lord is so good to us.

preacher’s class in General, Aguinaldo

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