Time in Cebu

Wednesday July 24, 2019
Matthew Henderson

Monday, we headed for the Cauayan airport at 8am from General Aguinaldo. We flew to Manila first, and then on to Cebu. We finally arrived at the house here that night about 9pm, so it was a very long day. Tuesday was a welcome bit of a recovery day – and the first day we slept in until 8am since we began this trip. We took jeepneys and had lunch with Clint and Rachel’s family and Sara and Kevin’s family. In the evening, Ken and I taught class from 6:30 to 8 for the fourth and final time on the trustworthiness of the Gospel accounts. Then, we had a late dinner with all the Murrell family behind the Bible Study Center.

Today, we got to visit with Barry and Shari about the work they are doing with ETHOS, their English training company. We also got to hear much about the potential mission fields and opportunities that seem so ripe for the picking of only their were workers and willing supporters of those works.

This afternoon Clint and Kevin were our guides to take us on the long jeepney ride to see some of the saddest sights we’ve seen on this particular trip as we observed people engaged in idol worship in the name of Christianity. It was something Bryan and I got to witness last year with Luke and Jake and I felt it was important to give the children with us this year a real view of what the world means when they speak of a nation being Christian.

This evening, the kids passed out flyers in front of the Bible Study Center for about an hour. They had no trouble finding people eager to take them as there was an almost constant stream of people walking past it at this time of day. One man even pulled his motorcycle over and stopped in traffic to ask them for one. I am not sure we would find such an easy audience in the U.S. Finally, at 8 tonight, we all met at the Robinstein house for dinner and class led by Chris over 1 Corinthians 15. This was such a good way to finish off this day before heading across the street to get ready to sleep after 10.

preacher’s class in General, Aguinaldo


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