Thursday July 25, 2019
Matthew Henderson

Yesterday the kids got to hand out more flyers at the Bible Study Center in Cebu. We also got a lot of last minute visiting time with the missionaries there before we had to depart for the airport at 7pm. Clint and Ken accompanied us to see us off.

We flew into Manila pretty close to midnight. At this time we have successfully spent the night in terminal 3 of the Manila airport. These kids are super troopers! They’ve rolled with everything that’s been thrown at them and kept a smile the whole time. Not many people want to spend the night in an airport like we just did. At 3:30am we rolled our luggage down to get it checked in when the gates opened for business. Now we are waiting in our gate, ready to begin the journey home: Manila to Tokyo to Seattle to Austin.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We haven’t been to sleep last night (you can imagine why we wouldn’t want to do that in our circumstances), and maybe we can sleep well on the planes today heading back home. It’s 6:34am here now on Friday, July 26. Because we cross the dateline going back, it will be 9:10am on Friday, July 26 when we land in Seattle, Lord willing — the same day! So maybe this will help us flip our sleep schedule back around, or at least kickstart us in that direction.

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We are currently fully funded for our 2019 Philippines trip. Thank you to everyone for being so generous in helping, and please continue to remember us in your prayers as we prepare and while we are traveling.

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