International Tickets Booked

Tuesday June 18, 2019
Matthew Henderson

We have our tickets to and from the Philippines!

Our initial plan was to depart Houston on EVA about midnight on July 10. That would have put us in Manila at about 10:50pm (their time) on July 12. That didn’t materialize because ticket prices increased substantially going out of Houston for some reason. So, we began to scour the travel sites for better deals, and we found one. We met for lunch at Ken’s to try to book the tickets we found (thanks Bryan for giving up your lunch that day), but the booking kept failing. After spending a good portion of the same evening trying again, and after spending some time with support on the phone, we found out the last connecting flight was overbooked.

In spite of those small frustrations, we knew it would turn out for the best, and I believe it did. We were able to find a better deal on our tickets – each about $250 below the normal rate for this season (from what Ken has indicated).

Several great things came out of getting the tickets we found:
  • we saved about $1500 off the total expected rate (even a little lower than last year)
  • we arrive in Manila a few hours earlier than first planned (at 7:55pm on July 12)
  • we have the same carrier all the way, so hopefully no crazy connections
  • we depart out of Austin, which worked very good last year

In addition to our tickets, everyone has their passport in hand at this point. There were six new ones that had to be acquired this time, and not wanting to take chances, we started working on getting those in May.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us as we get ready.

Financial Note

I wanted to give a quick update regarding the handling of finances to this point. I’m sure you can imagine that there has been a significant cost expense associated with the preparations that have been made so far, in getting eight people prepared for this trip – not least of all acquiring six new passports. I wanted to assure you, however, that those were not paid for out of the funds we have raised to make the trip possible, nor has anything else like luggage, etc..

The only thing we have paid for to this point with the funds that were raised has been the plane tickets, and we worked to get the best deal we could on those. We’ll continue working to make sure that we use the resources in good ways. We anticipate some in-country travel as we go both north, and south, of Manila to the places we will be working. However, the in-country flights we had last year proved to be very inexpensive, and we are expecting the same this year.

Thank you again for your support in making this trip possible. We could not do this without you.

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Quick Info

We are currently fully funded for our 2019 Philippines trip. Thank you to everyone for being so generous in helping, and please continue to remember us in your prayers as we prepare and while we are traveling.

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